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How our solution works

Scanning the Vehicle

Real-time picture and video capturing your whole vehicle

Analysis reports

Holistic vehicle view
Matching & damage exposure
Expert labelling & deep learning

Integrate into Valuation

Reporting via web interface, mobile app or direct API
Position, size & classification of damage
Repair / replace cost estimate and further recommendations

  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure

Reducing cost

  • Reducing workload for car surveyor
  • Reducing dedicated vehicles for car surveyor.
  • Reducing cost for delegating other parties to do the car valuation

Improve Efficiency

  • Shortening client waiting time to under 5 mins
  • Shortening car valuation time to immediate

Squeeze out unlawful parties

Standardizing operations by having picture proofs and a real-time, objective and transparent car valuation.


Our solution works for

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Fleet owners, car hire and leasing

We help keeps a record of the fleet’s condition and alert you of changes, increasing trust and transparency

We provide an objective view of the health of your vehicles, helping maximize their re-marketing value.


Used car buyers / sellers

Our application is compatible with most camera types and set ups, we bring trust and transparency to the used car market by providing an independent view of vehicle condition. Our price estimation support fast decisions on buying/selling.


Insurance company

Our application will help insurance company to get current price of various car brands and models and track historical damage to the car. Fast and transparent, we will bring values to the insurance company and support fast premium calculations to the policyholders.

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