Insurance As A Service/ Insurtech Platform

In this era of globalization, insurance companies and financial institutions must adapt on fully digital process in order to attract the younger generations. Insurance as a Service has become a rising trend in both developed and emerging countries.

Vietnam has a relatively low insurance penetration on their GDP, but don’t let it fools you. Vietnam Insurance industry has shown a strong growth in the past decade, growing with an average growth of more than 20% in the past 5 years, makes it one of the fastest growing insurance industry in the world.

FIRIS have an extensive experience with digital business and insurtech platform. Since 2017, FIRIS have been working closely with an Insurtech company bringing an end-to-end solution for insurance companies, banks and brokers for the first time in Vietnam.

We are the programming experts who will provide all solutions to solve technical problems of Insurance & Finance Companies:

  • Insurtech platform which connect insurance companies with omnichannel e.g. bancassurance, telco companies, e-wallets
  • System Projects on New Business
  • Software of Product Management (Sales Quotation system, Underwriting & Claim Systems, Financial tools …)
  • Implementation of Information
  • Set up and Programming for reporting tools such as: Mini-stats for life and non-life product, Reserving Calculations, etc.

We offer a complete consultation regarding digital platform for your company, starting with underwriting process, product factory and proposition, management system and claim process, bringing a fully digital and online service to you and for your clients.

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