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We are a team of international actuaries and financial experts covering life insurance, non-life insurance, pension fund and risk management. We possess extensive experience about insurance and successfully counsel financial management strategies for many Vietnamese businesses and in other countries.

Our scope of services helps a lot of Vietnamese insurance companies, as well as foreign insurers, in both life and general insurance line.

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General Insurance

Our team have worked with various non-life insurance products; Car Insurance, Motorbike Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, etc. and built a model for our client using Generalized Linear Models (GLM) to calculate and have a better view on pricing and managing risks.

Without a doubt, the real data from many insurance lines is not normally distributed, hence we cannot use the standard linear regression model. In other hand, GLM can be used to explain the relation of claim frequency on given risk factors, bring a better understanding on our data.

How does our model help our clients?

  • Clients input on policies information; policyholder’s information, car’s details, premium and claims. They may choose to send us their raw file or by using our data template.
  • We then perform data cleaning, to sort any inconsistent or troubled data points before we start our model.
  • Our model will select the best factors (predictors) which affect one’s car’s claim. We perform an extensive algorithm to avoid high variance in our results.
  • The final output is the severity, claim frequency, pure premium, etc. for each predictor (one-way analysis) e.g. Car’s maker, Car’s age, Client’s age, etc. and finally we are able to predict the response in the future of new clients for our insurance companies.
  • By applying the method for each general insurance product, we have helped our clients in understanding their business better, managing their risks and offering a better product to the market.
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Life Insurance

Our well-developed and comprehensive actuarial modeling and tools supports deterministic product pricing in:

  • Profit margin analysis
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis
  • Break-even analysis
  • Profit source analysis
  • Sensitivity factor analysis
  • Premium attribution analysis
  • New business (MC) EV planning
  • Analyze hedge strategies effectiveness through nested stochastic scenario modeling and projection.
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Portfolio Management Review

In both life and general insurance line of business, our actuarial models provide key points of reference to management decisions. Its accuracy and production efficiency are essential for every successful business. Our substantial experience in model review helps to take client’s practice to the next level:

  • Independent review on model and assumption inputs
  • Review of production processes and controls
  • Model design and best practice review to enhance model efficiency
  • Improvement recommendations and alternative solutions


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