FIRIS Investment and Consulting Company Limited (“FIRIS”) is a leading financial risk management and insurance (Actuary) consulting firm in Vietnam established in 2011 to provide clients with Effective business risk management solutions in banking, insurance, and investment. We collaborate with our clients and help them value their business, solve Basel II & Solvency II risk management issues according to international standards, optimize resources, restructure and improve. operational efficiency to maximize business capabilities.

FIRIS Investment and Consulting Company FIRIS Investment and Consulting Company In addition, IFRS 17 is a big challenge in accounting for insurance companies when operating and building strategy. Doing this requires the right combination of the models that premium pricing skills. In the midst of a digital revolution, insurance companies need to focus on agility and customer centricity. FIRIS will help insurance companies develop and implement strategies that increase profitability and efficiency, leverage digital capabilities, improve customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage from Advanced area.

Currently, we have consulted many businesses to manage health insurance risks, charge car fees, and technical assets. We provide quantitative computational costing mathematical models to measure & forecast risks on a scientific basis and find practical, effective solutions for our customers.


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