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Business Consulting

Our company consists of qualified actuaries and financial experts covering life insurance, non-life insurance, pension fund and risk management.

We have an extensive experience in insurance industry and successfully counsel financial management strategies and product developments for many Vietnamese insurance companies, as well as foreign companies.

We provide wide range of services in insurance and financial risk sectors. With our extensive industry experience coupled with well-developed methodologies, processes and tools, enables us to deliver customized solutions to meet the ever-changing business requirements in the industries. On top of that, we have the network of financial experts and strategic partner.

Our well-developed and comprehensive actuarial modeling and tools, will help you in:

  • Competitive Market Analysis for various products in life and non-life insurance
  • Profit Margin Analysis for business’s profitability over time and see where the business stands compare to the competitors
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Analysis for investments, capital acquisitions, project proposals and other business cases.
  • Break-Even Analysis in product or business management, make sure the project will be profitable.
  • Sensitivity Factor Analysis in assessing financial risks or market risks for business and/or product.
  • Premium Attribution Analysis evaluating the performance of portfolio or fund manager.
  • New Business Planning
  • Analyze hedge strategies effectiveness through nested stochastic scenario modeling and projection
  • GAAP, IFRS and IAS Reporting
  • Statutory valuation 
  • Source of Earnings / Analysis of Profits 
  • New business projection
  • Reserving report
  • Company-level adjustments
  • Hedge attribution analysis
  • Appraisal report
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Data Science

Data is transforming the insurance industry as we know right now. Lack of data may give significant effect to the insurance company.  Imagine a data platform that has the customer, policy and claims data all stored in one place so that new policy underwriting could consider previous claims and leverage data from the underwriting process such as policy modification.

FIRIS is a leading insurtech consultant in Vietnam with professional team in data science, experts and masters in various programming languages. We will provide a wide range of services in digital insurance industry. We will cut off a lot of manual works and digitize the whole process.

Some of our works are including:

  • GLM analysis for car insurance – finding average premium, average claim, severity and pure premium from client’s data
  • IBNR reporting using triangle development, chain-ladder method, and others

To serve our clients with the highest service, we develop tools and online services. A selection of these tools can be tested as demos. Contact us and we will guide you. 

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FIRIS’ training is dedicated to continuous professional education and training in Finance, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Actuarial Science, Data Science, as well as various programming languages.

We propose both online and on-site education services including courses on theory and new methodologies, workshops, use cases and exercises.

Our team offer a unique combination of academic excellence and real-life practitioners expertise delivered through state-of-the-art technology

Benefit of collaborating with us:

  • Technical Support to help you have an extensive and productive training experience
  • 24/7 modules for training
  • Personal Support for every trainee through interactions/classes
  • Custom Training adjusted to your needs. Our training is flexible and adapted to each learner and company
  • List of experienced mentors

Interested in knowing more about our work and services?

We would be delighted to meet you